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Our Mission :

Our Mission is to drive positive change through impactful humanitarian initiatives, fostering social awareness, activism, and unity.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be recognized as global catalysts for positive

change, leveraging the power of music and cultural influence to impact lives



Our extensive portfolio of projects, events, and shows reflects our dedication to making a difference.


Some noteworthy initiatives include:

1. Clean Water Wells in Uganda:

Funding the construction of clean water wells in Uganda, providing access to 1,500



2. Clean Water Well in Kenya:

Funding the construction of a clean water well in Kenya, providing access to 1,000

villagers and installing a pipeline to an elementary school serving 700 students.


3. Mandela Children's Hospital Support:

Contributing fiscal donations to the Mandela Children's Hospital in South Africa.

4. Youth Center in Kenya:

Supporting a youth center in Kenya by organizing recording session workshops and

contributing fiscal donations from a charity concert.


5. Domestic Violence Programs:

Participating in domestic violence programs in Washington, D.C., and South Africa by

providing fiscal donations.


6. NY Homeless Shelters:

Aiding New York homeless shelters with clothes donations sourced from several charity


7. Boys & Girls Club Engagement:

Engaging with the Boys & Girls Club by providing fiscal donations.

8. Haiti Relief:

Providing relief in Haiti through fiscal donations from a charity concert.

9. Sneakers for Orphans in Kyrgyzstan:

Supplying sneakers for orphans in Kyrgyzstan.

10. 9/11 Relief Efforts:

Assisting in 9/11 relief efforts by providing fiscal donations from a charity concert.

11. Youth Programs in Palestine:

Contributing to youth programs in Palestine through workshops, classes, concerts, tours,

musical instruments, audio & visual equipment, and medical supplies.


12. Hip Hop Workshops in Detroit:

Facilitating Hip Hop workshops in Detroit.

13. Hip Hop Classes in Berlin:

Contributing Hip Hop classes and workshops for the youth in Berlin.

14. Support for New Zealand Mosque Shooting Victims:

Aiding the victims of the New Zealand Mosque shooting through fiscal donations.

15. Asthma Research Support:

Supporting asthma research by raising money from a number of concerts.

16. School Uniforms in Tanzania:

Providing school uniforms and supplies for elementary level students in Tanzania through

a charity concert.

17. Special Needs Schools in Kenya:

Assisting special needs schools in Kenya through fiscal donations and providing laptops.

18. Puerto Rico Disaster Relief:

Contributing to Puerto Rico disaster relief by raising money and receiving supplies through

a charity concert.


These projects represent a fraction of our comprehensive initiatives, each reinforcing our unwavering

commitment to creating meaningful and positive change on a global scale.


1. Elevated Support for Palestine:

To continue elevated support for Palestine on all possible fronts.

2. Clean Water Wells in Somalia & Rwanda:

Raising money for clean water wells in Somalia and Rwanda.

3. Homeless Youth Support in India & Afghanistan:

Providing fiscal donations for homeless youth in India and Afghanistan.


  1. Dedication: We are unwavering in our commitment to global philanthropy, utilizing our musical platform to drive positive change and impact communities worldwide.

  2. Authenticity: Grounded in sincerity, we prioritize authenticity in our connections with diverse communities, fostering genuine relationships that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries.

  3. Social Awareness: We strive to raise social awareness through our music and initiatives, addressing pressing issues and contributing to the betterment of society.

  4. Activism: Committed to effecting positive change, we actively engage in humanitarian activism, advocating for social justice and equality through our work and influence.

  5. Unity: Our mission is to foster unity, bringing people together through the universal language of music and culture to create a world where diversity is celebrated and embraced.

  6. Empowerment: We empower underprivileged youth by addressing their specific needs through meticulously crafted workshops and performances to uplift and make a tangible difference in their lives.

  7. Global Impact: We envision ourselves as global catalysts for positive change, leveraging the power of music and cultural influence to impact lives across borders profoundly.

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