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For the Quarter Budget

Build 23 sustainable wells across 10 developing countries this year. 

GOAL #1 

Empower 10 communities with clean water through well construction.


Train locals in 10 communities for well maintenance.


Improve health conditions for 200,000 individuals via clean water.



Research Analysis
Building Plans


Project Planning
Construction Worker


Washing Dishes


Maintenance Training
Teaching sitting children


Impact Evaluation

The journey begins with Research Analysis, an intensive phase where our team deeply investigates each community's unique needs, obstacles, and resources. This crucial step allows us to craft bespoke and effective solutions.

The next step is Project Planning. Here, we translate insights from the research into a strategic action plan. This involves identifying optimal locations for well construction and sketching out a comprehensive blueprint for our operations.

Construction Execution is where our plans turn into tangible reality. Collaborating with local workers and global volunteers, we construct the wells that provide essential water access.

In the final stages, Maintenance Training and Impact Evaluation come into play. We equip locals with the skills necessary to manage their wells, ensuring the project's longevity. Simultaneously, we assess our project's success, measure its impact, and draw insights to guide future initiatives.

Proposed Budget

S.O.U.L. Purpose's current fiscal year budget allocation, totaling $124,900, underlines our pledge to effect meaningful change within underserved communities in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. The largest portion of the budget, 68% ($84,900), is committed to the Construction Execution phase. This stage involves building wells, thus providing life- changing access to clean water for these communities.

Our approach emphasizes sustainable and locally driven development. We allocate funding for Research and Analysis, Project Planning, and Impact Evaluation. These investments ensure our projects are responsive and adaptive to each community's unique strengths and needs. Our Maintenance Training ensures the long-term operation of the wells, enabling community self-reliance.

By aligning our financial strategies with our mission, S.O.U.L. Purpose strengthens its commitment to creating self-sustaining communities in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, where access to clean water is a universal right, not a privilege.

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